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Saturday, October 8th, 2022

We promised not to host another Darkness Day until we could sell bottles ourselves. Well, the time has come, the laws have changed, and we’re planning a party for the ages. Celebrate this year’s Darkness release with a full day of FREE live music, plus activities, tastings, special releases, and a surprise or two along the way.


The OG cult classics are coming back: Wet, Fiery Hell, One Man Mosh Pit, and 16 Grit. Catch timed tappings throughout the day of rare offerings, exciting sneak peeks, Surly staples, and a myriad of vintage Darkness.

On Draft

2022 Darkness

2022 Barrel-Aged Darkness

Parker Heritage 10yr Heavy Char Bourbon barrel aged Darkness


One Man Mosh Pit

Prodigal Sunrise

Lemonade Switchblade



Controlled Chaos

Logic Bomb

Before I Die

Grapefruit Supreme

Fiery Hell

16 Grit


Pizza Party

Petit Ami


Warp Zone

Available To-Go

One Man Mosh Pit

Fiery Hell

16 Grit


Prodigal Sunrise

Battle Vest

Shutter Shades

Digital Wizard

Proving Ground

Buffalo Skull

Timed Tappings

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Lumberjack Breakfast, 11am

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Ginger Snap, 11am

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Raspberry Chocolate Torte, 11am

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Irish Coffee, noon

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Black Forest, noon

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Coquito, noon

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Cold Smoked Cherries, noon

Darkness 2007, 2pm

Darkness 2008, 2pm

Darkness 2009, 2pm

Darkness 2010, 2pm

2019 Mole Darkness, 4pm

2018 Fernet Darkness, 4pm

2020 Vietnamese Coffee Darkness, 4pm

2019 Double-Stuffed Darkness, 4pm

Vintage Cellar Raid

Barrel-Aged Darkness (2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Darkness (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Darkness

Fernet Darkness

Double Stuffed Darkness

Mole Darkness

Old Fashioned Darkness



Double Barrel-Aged Pentagram





Barrel-Aged Ten

2013 Smoke


You can’t have Darkness Day without music. Metal, punk, rock, loud, local, national. All day long and all for the low, low price of FREE. Check out the line-up here:


God Came from Space 11am

Dumpster Juice 12pm

No Encore 12:45pm

Impaler 1:15pm

Desperate Acts 2:15pm

Bad Planning 3pm

Black Widows 4pm

Flatfoot 56 5:30pm

Radkey 7pm

Face to Face 8:30pm

We’ll have music indoors as well! We’re hosting three killer DJs for a Dark Wave dance party from 5-11.

Tekk Nikk
Dedicated Enemy


Free Darkness Themed Flash Tattoos by @bunnyakahk

Meet the Darkness artists

Live screen printing

Shop with local vendors

Corpse Face Painting

Vintage bottle sampling

Plus much more


To celebrate the Minnesota Legislature freeing the growler, Surly is bottling a limited run of
2022 Darkness bottles! These bottles are exclusive to Darkness Day, which is being brought back
to life on Saturday, October 8th at our Minneapolis brewery.

In anticipation of this epic resurrection, we’re offering a 2022 Darkness Presale for those interested in securing their bottles and Darkness Day merch ahead of time. (As noted, this is the only day to get 2022 Darkness in bottles. The retail version hits shelves on Halloween in our boxed, 16-oz. can format.)

Our presale has three tiers from which you can choose, all of which are for pick-up on the day of
the event:

The Collector

Two 750 mL bottles of Darkness, $40 before tax. One for you, one for the cellar.

Tee It Up

Two 750 mL bottles of Darkness and a 2022 “Return of Darkness Day” commemorative t-shirt, $75 before tax.

Gluttony & Sloth

Two 750 mL bottles of Darkness, the commemorative t-shirt, and three crowlers with exclusive day-of beers, $115 before tax. The crowlers include a fruited kettle sour, a hazy IPA, and a wet-hopped beer you might remember. Hint, hint.

Again, these are only available for pick up on Darkness Day. If you make a pre-order, you must be present on October 8th to pick it up. Additional bottles and merch can be added to your order.


The short answer: A beer release. The awesome answer: A kick-ass party celebrating our Russian imperial stout with live music, rare beer tappings, dance parties, live tattooing, plus a bunch of other rad stuff that we’d rather keep a secret.

Nope! All free, all day.

Bottles will be available all day on October 8th. Pick up from the brewery begins at 11am!

No, you must be present on October 8th to pick up your pre-orders.

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Lumberjack Breakfast

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Ginger Snap

2022 Darkness Variant Sneak Peak: Raspberry Chocolate Torte

We’ll also have special day of variants for you to sample from our brewers:

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Irish Coffee

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Black Forest

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Coquito

Brewer’s Darkness Variant: Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Cold Smoked Cherries

We don’t have a Surly-organized camping/bottle share this year. The relatively recent change in the law didn’t give us the time needed to lock that down. We will have security, parking and porta-potties for those arriving early on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Eddie Wolfe (_electricyeti_) – Eddie and other darkness artists will be around signing bottles and selling art.

Well behaved pets are allowed outside on a leash. No animals indoors, please. All service animals welcome.

Absolutely, may we suggest hearing protection though.

Nope. We’ll have plenty of options for you.

We highly recommend ride share, biking, or public transit as our parking lot fills up quickly. Otherwise, there’s plenty of street parking in our neighborhood.

Any bottles remaining after the pre-sale will be available to purchase during the event.

Cash and credit are accepted. IOUs not accepted.

Plenty! Both restaurants will be open as well as the Surly food truck.

Yes, the Beer Hall and Pizza Upstairs will have regular service.

For sure, come and go as you please.

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